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Jana Paul about her paintings

My paintings are symbols of a respective spiritual location inside myself, to which my journey has taken me. I stop to paint the images that have come to me. I go into my own images in order to find my inner centre and the essence of my energy. The energy to express what I feel, and to transform this energy into something beautiful and creative.

I prefer to paint silhuettes and figures that are hardly visible but inspire the beholder's own intuition. Often, my silhouettes find their own gestalt and shape the moment they are brought on canvas. They are heralding a stage in my life to come via inspiration and intuition. I try to implement hat comes to me via colour and feeling. Not before my inner eye, but in my heart.

Now, I emphasize the poetical and mystical aspects in my life. In painting, music, eroticism and dancing, both sides of the experience are one, like in our dreams. Life means adventure, and erotic sensitivity.

Many of my paintings depict women and the manifold facettes of their world of feelings. Romanticism, dreams, eroticism, fascination, longing, passion, power, innocence, sin, the love for life, sadness, loneliness, unity with Nature, playfulness, seriousness, acting on the stage of life, magic. Soaring angel-like and also demonic creatures that fill the empty space dreamily, earthy body creatures that only ARE and enjoy, are a juxtaposition to spiritual fairies and fable creatures. The paintings show universal phenomena - the eternal, transitory, travelling.

I want the art to return to its essence – that paintings are allowed to simply please and become accidental again, apart from all symbolism and willpower to create an own universe of beauty.