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Jana Paul was born in Oberhausen, North-Rhine Westphalia, in 1965. Already as a young girl, she discovered her love for the arts and music. At the age of 8, she was awarded the 1st prize of her age group in the Jim Knopf and Lucas painting contest for children, staged by the Theatre in Essen. Equally at the age of 8, she started her musical education as a flutist, later, she dedicated herself to studying the acoustic guitar (rock, folk, jazz), as well as attending lessons in classical ballet.

1984–89: Translation studies at the FAS of the University of Mainz in Germersheim, degree as a graduated translator for English and Italian. Cultural studies abroad in Scotland, England, Italy, and the USA. Working experience in the event business (concert and cultural management, circus).

From 1999 onwards, she has intensified her autodidactical oilart studies. First exhibition at the WBI in Dortmund: Poetic Imaginations (2003). Beside working as a translator, private teacher, and coach, she is working on her first children's book written in the English language (Collected Short Stories for Children, Vol I). Unpublished works: Samsara (absurd theatrical fairytale, 1994), Der Falke (a tale written in German, 1994), Janus Masks (poems written in English, 1998).

The artist lives in Oberhausen and runs her own translation agency on an international level. Since the birth of her son in the year 2000, she has decided to focus more on her arts. The artist will be registered in Kürschners Handbuch der Bildenden Künstler 2005 (Kürschner's Handbook of Visual Artists 2005). Her works are highly poetic and symbolic and depict mysticism and magical topics, fine art nudes, as well as adventurelands and dreamlands.